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When women want to learn whether they’re pregnant, or when they’re miserable from a suspected urinary tract infection, they don’t want to wait for the results of lab tests that must be sent out for evaluation. The on-site laboratory at Fairfax OB-GYN Associates solves that problem, as it allows the providers to process certain lab tests while you wait. Women can also receive in-office phlebotomy services at their three convenient locations in Fair Oaks, Gainesville, Woodbridge, and Dulles, Virginia.

Laboratory Q & A

Why are lab tests so important?

Lab tests provide essential information needed to screen for chronic diseases during well woman visits, to check for common problems and genetic concerns during pregnancy, and to determine an accurate diagnosis when women are sick.

Certain lab tests are recommended at each stage of a woman’s life because they’re the best way to catch potential health problems at an early stage. Some of the routine testing done in gynecologic patients includes:

  • Pap test, to check for cervical cancer
  • Human papillomavirus, or HPV, which may cause cervical cancer
  • Blood glucose for type 2 diabetes
  • Lipid profile for cholesterol and other blood lipids
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Genetic testing
  • Hepatitis C

What routine lab tests are performed during pregnancy?

Lab tests are a normal part of prenatal care, where they screen for health issues that affect the pregnancy and the baby.  Women should expect these lab tests to be done during pregnancy:

  • Glucose screening test: To check for gestational diabetes and low blood sugar, because diabetes can cause preterm birth and large birth weight, while low blood sugar may trigger seizures in the baby
  • Complete blood count: Reveals the presence of infection, anemia, and problems with blood clotting
  • Blood type: Test to be sure mother and baby have the same Rh factor, because a difference can harm the baby
  • Urinalysis: Tests for glucose levels, urinary tract disease, signs of preeclampsia
  • Urine culture: Tests for bacteria indicating urinary tract infection
  • Rubella: Can cause birth defects
  • Hepatitis B and C: Hepatitis viruses can be passed to the baby
  • Sexually transmitted infections: All pregnant women are tested for syphilis and chlamydia because they can cause complications with the pregnancy and harm the baby
  • Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV): HIV may be passed to the baby
  • Tuberculosis (TB): TB infections are dangerous for the baby
  • Group B streptococci: May be transmitted to the baby and cause serious health problems

What laboratory tests are available at Fairfax OB-GYN Associates?

At Fairfax OB-GYN Associates, patients have the convenience of in-office phlebotomy services, so they don’t have to go to an outside laboratory to get blood drawn. The on-site laboratory provides immediate results for some types of lab tests. Tests that are available in the office lab include:

  • Prenatal testing
  • Genetic screening
  • Urine pregnancy test
  • Urinalysis (glucose, urinary tract infections, protein)
  • Glucose tolerance testing
  • Cholesterol testing

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

Fairfax OB-GYN accepts most major insurance plans. Please call any of our offices to inquire about your particular insurance. We also accept self-pay patients and out of network patients and would be glad to assist you in arranging for payment of services. After services are provided, we will be glad to file claims to your insurance company on your behalf. We will assist you in making sure that your insurance pays us timely and appropriately for services we have provided to you. However, please know that ultimately you are financially responsible for payment of bills incurred. Any patient who schedules an appointment and fails to keep that appointment without providing 24 hour notice of cancellation will be responsible for a $50 no show fee. Any inquiries should be directed to the Billing Department at (703) 391-1500.

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