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Robotic surgery with the da Vinci® Surgical System allows the skilled surgeons at Fairfax OB-GYN Associates to perform complex gynecologic surgeries using minimally-invasive techniques. That means women receive the care they need with just a few small incisions, minimal scarring, quicker recovery time, and less postoperative pain. If you need gynecologic surgery and would like to know if you’re a good candidate for robotic surgery, call or book an appointment online at one of the locations in Fair Oaks, Gainesville, Woodbridge, and Dulles, Virginia.

Robotic Surgery Q & A

What is robotic surgery?

Robotic surgery combines the expertise of the surgeons with a robotic surgical system that allows them to make more precise maneuvers than are possible with standard laparoscopic surgery.

The team from Fairfax OB-GYN Associates uses the da Vinci Surgical System for minimally-invasive surgery. The da Vinci has multiple robotic arms with long thin tubes that are inserted through several small incisions. One of the tubes holds a high-definition camera that transmits a sharp image to the surgeon’s console.

Two other tubes control surgical instruments that move as though they’re the doctor’s hands. The surgeon’s console has fingertip controllers. As he moves his hands to perform the surgery, the controllers transmit the surgeon’s hand movements to the robotic instruments.  

What are the benefits of the da Vinci Surgical System?

The da Vinci system contains innovative technology that works together to enable safe and precise surgery.

Visualization: The da Vinci’s enhanced high-definition camera has zoom and 3-D capabilities. As a result, the surgeon views a better image of the tissues than is possible through any other viewing device.

EndoWrist® instruments: These instruments enable fingertip control, fine movement, and a range of motion in the robotic instruments that surpass the movement of human hands. With the robotic arm’s ability to mimic the human hand and fit into very small spaces, the robot can accomplish more than the human hand without the risk of harming surrounding tissues.

What types of surgery are performed using the da Vinci Surgical System?

The da Vinci Surgical System can perform any type of laparoscopic surgery. However, its greatest benefit is that it allows the doctors at Fairfax OB-GYN Associates to perform complex gynecologic surgeries using a minimally-invasive technique. This list includes some of the most common surgeries performed using the da Vinci:

  • Hysterectomy (remove all or part of uterus)
  • Endometriosis resection (remove abnormal tissue growth)
  • Myomectomy (remove uterine fibroids)
  • Sacrocolpopexy (repair pelvic organ prolapse)

Performing robotic surgery requires extensive training and experience, and you’ll get both from the team at Fairfax OB-GYN Associates. If you have any gynecologic condition that may require surgery, contact one of the offices or book an appointment online for a consultation to learn more about the benefits of robotic surgery.

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